Veracity Butcher

THE INTERIOR LIFE OF CLEMENTINE BOURGEOIS - Artwork Artwork by Douglas Bourgeois


Clementine Bourgeois is young, gorgeous, and needs therapy. A short film about lucid dreams and drugs. Inspired by "The Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown," an oil painting by Douglas Bourgeois. Commissioned by Mia Chamasmany for Lassie Magazine.

CLEMENTINE There’s that thing that happens when I’m lying awake in the middle of the night, when I feel three hours go by in three minutes, as if I’m watching my insomniac self outside of myself. As if I’m abducted by aliens and floating outside of myself. Not like a probing alien abduction but a pleasant mushroom trip-like abduction. I’m out of body— out of state out of mind— floating outside of myself. As if my spirit is existing outside of my body because it knows my body— it knows my body is just aching […] Aching to be taken. Torn open. Even though I’m in savasana this very moment— even though I’m in corpse pose. And I’m not cold. Not at all. I’m so hot my heat can be felt outside of my body: by my spirit. But my spirit is cold. Spirits aren’t hot.
Diluted Scarlet - Artwork by Mia Chamasmany Artwork by Mia Chamasmany


A short story about art and bondage, featured in Lassie Magazine.

$C!-F! N0V3L F0R T33N$ - Artwork by Sam Dakota Miller Artwork by Sam Dakota Miller

$C!-F! N0V3L F0R T33N$

A musical set in 2121 about space cadet Layla Hart's intergalactic mission to smuggle salads, along with the help of unlikely allies she meets on poisoned Planet Earth.

HART We could sell these seeds, no doubt about it
Plenty mouths to feed, and the ship is crowded
When you get a good idea, ya gotta shout it!
We’ll be pirates specializing in shipping salad!
We’ll be pirates
We’ll sell salads
Even carrots
Across the seas
Peas & peppers,
Weeds & shallots,
Tomatoes and celery!
I like cabbage and also asparagus
If you’re cross the universe and craving salads
We’ll pack it ship it over seas and hope the leaves
Won’t wilt across the massive galaxies!