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Selected Résumé


Film, Televison & Web

CHATTER Jessica Sherif Barron's Cove Mandalay Pictures/ Evan Ari Kelman Marjoun & The Flying Headscarf Available on Netflix/ Best Film Nom, Miami BULL Viacom/ CBS/ John B. Aronson Law & Order: SVU Universal Television/ NBC/ Mariska Hargitay Alternatino Comedy Central/ Nicholas Jasenovec A Midsummer Night's Dream Apocalyptic Artists/ Alice Renier/ Peter Romano The Downpour Columbia University/ Jade Courtney Edwards Docket 32357 Pam's Son/ Emmy Winner Randy Wilkins What Came After Christopher Peña/ Tony Winner Tonya Pinkins Making A Scene with James Franco Rabbit Bandino/ AOL/ James Franco D.R.A.M. "Cute" Music Video KODE Media/ Atlantic Records/ Nathan Smith VIOLETS "SON OF A" Music Video ANTI-VIOLETS/ Emmy Winner Randy Wilkins VIOLETS "HONOR KILLING" Music Video Adventure We Can/ Crystal Arnette Widowspeak "LOCUSTS" Music Video We Are Films/ Aaron Craig Ladyfingaz "Zipcar" Music Video Ladyfingaz/ Jude Dry/ Bianca Giaever

New York City Theater

NERO Kyoung's Pacific Beat/ Kyoung H. Park Benghazi Bergen-Belsen La Mama/ No Visa Productions/ Lahav Timor A Trail of Irreverence University Settlement/ Sally Silvers Rest Upon The Wind NYU Skirball Center/ Simón Hanukai Another Word for Beauty (Excerpts) Rattlestick Playwrights Theater/ José Rivera Woodbones Abingdon Theatre/ Eagle Project/ Bob Jaffe Romeo & Juliet The Flea/ Kristan Seemel MOONBASE (Episodic) at SERIALS The Flea/ Nick Leavens These Seven Sicknesses The Flea/ Ed Iskandar/ Drama Desk Nominee A Letter From Omdurman The Flea/ Jim Simpson Karen O's Stop The Virgens St. Ann's Warehouse/ Adam Rapp Thieves The Public Theater/ AMERINDA/ Steve Elm Demon Dreams The Gene Frankel Theater/ Magic Futurebox/ Kevin Laibson American Sexy The Flea/ Mia Walker 27 Tips for Banishing The Blues Dixon Place/ Ken Prestininzi/ Charlotte Meehan The Green Knight 45 Bleecker/Jeremy Bloom The Diamond Trade La Mama/ Kyoung H. Park La Boheme (Spoken) The Flea/ Jeremy Bloom The Great Recession The Flea/ Kip Fagan The Europeans Atlantic Stage II/ Potomac Theatre Project/ Richard Romagnoli Lysistrata Middlebury College/ Claudio Medeiros Cabaret Middlebury College/ Claudio Medeiros This is Our Youth Middlebury College/ Lucas Kavner


Middlebury College

Theater & Arabic / Magna Cum LaudePhi Beta KappaCharles A. Dana Scholar


Jon Shear (Take Action)Clark Middleton (APT 929)Jenn McKenna (The Flea)Mike Doyle, Alex Draper, Claudio Medeiros, Richard Romagnoli, Doug Sprigg (Middlebury College)Alexander; Linklater; Laban; Meisner


Mezzo/Belt- Low E (below middle C) to a high B (above treble C)Dale Smith, Tracey Grimaldi (10+ years of Opera, Jazz, & Broadway)Amy Jo Jackson, Amy Stoller (Speech & Dialect)VIOLETS Lead Singer and Lyricist


Advanced Tap (Yvonne Curry, 10+ Years)Bellydance (3+ Years as instructor)Modern; Tango; Salsa; Hip-Hop


Yoga (Hot & Vinyasa, 10+ Years)Vanessa Mildenberg (Middlebury College)Mimi Quillin, Giselle Mahoney (The Flea)

Special Skills


Native ENGLISHFluent in Classical, Egyptian, and Moroccan ARABICBeginner SPANISH and FRENCH


Arab, British, Irish, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, New York, and Deep South

Other Skills



Azul, Otra Vez by Melis Aker, Jacinta Clusellas, and Tatiana Pandiani  How The Donkey Got Punched by Micheline Auger Looking at Christmas by Stephen Banks Mooncalf by Perry Blackshear Tom is Trying to Find Himself by Rachel Bonds Hey Brother by Bekah Brunstetter South Shore by Dexter Buell MRS. LOMAN by Barbara Cassidy Heart & Soul Yoga Studio Beirut by Olivia Clement DIRT MAGNET by Olivia Clement WILLOUGHBY ROAD by Olivia Clement This Place Will Be My Salvation by Alexandra Collier Black Cat Lost by Erin Courtney Yes We Can by Stacey Davidowitz Monsieur Le Butch by Jude Dry Shiner by Christian Durso Just Like A Tattoo by Ben Dworken Oracle by Lauren Fondren The Reenactors by Juliana Francis-Kelly Restoration Comedy by Amy Freed The Fall of The House of Sunshine by Jonathan Goldberg Forgotten Bread by Sevan Greene SMAIL by Tariq Hamami Nothing Left to Burn by Adi Hanash & Patrick Vassal Kingdom of Spirits by Aisha Jabour Time In Kafka by Len Jenkin Gendering Memories in Iraq by Hayv Kahraman Zombie Love by Laurence Klavern HOT IN THE MIND by Emily Kron & Kate Hopkins WE LIVE IN CAIRO by Patrick Lazour and Daniel Lazour The Vandal by Hamish Linklater (featuring Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver) Polo Grounds by Hamish Linklater A Degree From Nature by Anna Michael When We’re Alone  by Erez Mossek & Jonathan Mossek House of Strength by Rahaleh Nassri She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen Untitled Play by Matthew Paul Olmos Moonbase (9 Serialized Episodes) by Willie Orbison Oliver Eats Cake by Christopher Oscar Peña Unexplored Interior by Jay O. Sanders Salim Salim by Stav Palti-Negev Out of Joint by A. Rey Pamatmat The India Plays by Kyoung H. Park NERO by Kyoung H. Park The 1s and the 2s by Donaldo Prescod What Happened to Noura by Heather Raffo CALLING PUERTO RICO by Juan Ramirez, Jr. Standoff at Highway #37 by Vicki Ramirez The Conquest by José Rivera Another Word for Beauty by José Rivera MARISOL (25th Anniversary Presentation) by José Rivera Sueño by José Rivera The Undesirables by Jeff Ronan Black Escalade by Caitlin Saylor Stevens Company Happy Hour by Caitlin Saylor Stevens Charles Darwin by Wendy Schmidt IOWA by Jenny Schwartz and Todd Almond SUBJECT by Sarah Shaefer The Strangest by Betty Shamieh Codes of Honor by Betty Shamieh Sarah Flood by Adriano Shaplin Yes We Can by Daniella Shoshan NILA by Jen Silverman The Shallows by Tommy Smith DB by Tommy Smith The Final Days of Sarah Kane by Tommy Smith Plucker by Alena Smith Metro Cards by Chris Sullivan The Blue Hour by Jacques Tephany The Blind Billionaire by Lucy Teitler Benghazi Bergen-Belsen by Lahav Timor Indian Country by Kaili Turner A Foo Fable by David Van Asselt The Adventure of the Head of Mamlouk Jabir by Sa’dallah Wannous Docket 32357 by Eljon Wardally Sensitive To Bite by Eljon Wardally Nine Days Falling by Mac Wellman Diversity Awareness Picnic by Leah Nanako Winkler Untitled Play by Leah Nanako Winkler Mr. Poulos by Donald Wollner Thieves by William S. Yellowrobe Wood Bones by William S. Yellowrobe Broken Pearls by Arthur Yorinks Fisherman And His Wife by Arthur Yorinks The Witch's Child by Arthur Yorinks The Room Where I Was Held by David Zax
Veracity Butcher performing at a reading
Veracity Butcher in a headscarf acting as Marjoun Veracity Butcher as Marjoun in Marjoun And The Flying Headscarf


"[T]here’s enough dramatic energy here to power a small village." — Variety "If the competing topics come together in a sometimes chaotic mix... the entire affair is nevertheless brilliantly held together by the performance of lead actress Veracity Butcher, who makes of Marjoun a strong survivor, rather than victim, leading by example as she strikes a blow for women – and Arab and Arab American women, in particular – everywhere." — Hammer to Nail "[T]he image of a girl in a hijab riding a motorbike transforms Marjoun into a modern-day James Dean." — The National "Walking through the monastery in a black hijab, Marjoun is a clear symbol of Arab Muslim women’s place in the struggle against systematic racism in the States. Throughout the movie, Marjoun has been haunted by an unjust legal system, prejudices, institutional barriers, and cultural expectations. She just might be able to make it, but she forever carries with her a burden beyond her control." — Women's Media Center